While most home owners feel the urge to fill holes in with dirt or other objects, the best thing to do is leave the hole or damage undesturbed. Closing off wildlife entry points can cause animals to get trapped under or in your home. 

To properly set traps for moles, the runs need to be open and active. Moles frequently create new runs if current runs are unstable. Stomping runs or mounds down can actually cause moles to create more damage as well as make it near impossible to set traps. 

We can fix current wildlife damage as well as seal off the exterior of your home to prevent future damage as well. 

Majority of the traps used to remove wildlife are checked daily. Rain or shine, we come and service the traps.


What Our Clients Say

I had a raccoon come through a vent in my house when I was sleeping. They came out and handled my situation within an hour of calling. Very friendly. Will be using again. 

Very fast service with the best prices I could find. I’d recommend Show-Me State Wildlife Management to anyone needing fast and friendly service. 

Called Show-Me State Wildlife Management when I noticed a mole in my front yard. They quickly came out and handled my situation. Would highly recommend.